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  1. The AOL use of your fake news-story does not surprise me. Years ago I wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece about the frequency of grandmothers dying just before exams
    I have been contacted by almost every news agency and many magazines and papers, wanting details on the methodology and clearly thinking this was a serious scientific publication.

  2. Hi Robin, I have just seen your article about Myvillage and your content. honestly I was a cock up. We are supposed to only take a snippet from a rss feed.

    When we started aggregating, we published the whole article in error. We stopped doing this back in Feb of this year. If we are still publishing wholesale your content please email be back and will get the techie to look at it.

  3. I can well believe it was a cock-up. Stuff happens. At the time I sent an email to a few addresses asking them to be taken down but didn’t get a reply, at which point I saw red.

    I changed my RSS settings, which I should have done anyway and that fixed it anyway. Cheers for getting back to me. No hard feelings.

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