Boris Johnson’s brushes with death

What with his so-called near-death experience a fortnight ago, and this stumble which could oh-so easily have led to a watery grave, Boris Johnson must be wondering if he has recently escaped some kind of Final Destination-style appointment with the Grim Reaper.

Whereas I’d intended to make some sort of serious point about Johnson’s experience as a London cyclist – ie. a damn dangerous one – this clumsy plunge into a river while encouraging volunteering in the capital is simply funny.

Even the Beeb’s usually sober reporting manages to make Boris sound like the huge oaf he really is:

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has fallen into a river while launching a drive to urge Londoners to volunteer.

While helping to clear up the River Pool in Lewisham, south-east London, he tripped and fell in, getting wet up to around his chest, then stumbled away.

Ken must be stroking his newts in pleasure.

Boris Johnson’s ‘near-death’ river experience

Boris Johnson’s ‘near-death’ cycling experience

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