Tabbloid ego trip

For those unfamiliar with it, Tabbloid is a kind of feed aggregator that display your feeds in a newspaper format.

It’s meant to be a reader but I tested it out using feeds from my various web nodes, just to see what it’s like.

I just found the link in my inbox and am impressed to see it’s pulled articles from all of the feeds I entered and compiled into a fairly well put-together PDF.

So, it obviously works, but beyond that it also provides an astonishing ego boost (I’m always inordinately entertained by my own writing).

Robin Brown Tabbloid

Anyway, for those considering using it, I recommend it. It has obvious advantages over other web-based readers – I use Netvibes, which i like – and is a nifty piece of kit.

For those as self-absorbed as I am, I also recommend it.

Here’s my edition (in 2meg+ PDF format):

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2 thoughts on “Tabbloid ego trip

  1. Hey Robin, if you or your readers are interested, I’m working on a free software (open source) service based on the Tabbloid output. It doesn’t send out automatic emails yet, but the code is available for anyone who fancies a little more control over the final PDF. Click my name for a demo.

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