I finally got to see Moon at FACT, the last night it was showing. I’ve got an impressive track record in missing films I particularly wanted to see at the cinema, so I was quite please with myself for making it.

The last time I went to FACT I turned up about five minutes after the stated start time, confident in the knowledge that there’s be a comfortable 15-minute buffer of adverts and trailers. How wrong I was, walking into Drag Me To Hell five minutes into the prologue and on the receiving end of a snarky usherette’s temper.

So, there I was today at 8.40 on the dot, only to be force fed fully 15 minutes of adverts, followed by 10 minutes of trailers. To me, the idea of paying a fiver for the privilege of almost half an hour of fucking adverts take the biscuit, but I digress. Just don’t do it again, FACT.

Moon poster Sam Rockwell

Anyway, Moon – a lovely, eerie, sad and wonderfully understated little film that wears its influences on its sleeve but turns out something rather more than the sum of its parts.

There’s a lot of Silent Running, Dark Star and a spot of Solaris in there, but it’s the evocation of the 70s films that is most apparent, even running to the sets and model work, which is a pleasing counterpoint to the CGI-swamped messes sci-fi films indulge in these days.

Sam Rockwell is great in the, ahem, leading role, there’s a nice use of Kevin Spacey’s deadpan tones and some good incidental music work from PWEI’s Clint Mansell, no longer on Beaver Patrol. The attention to detail is satisfying, even down to the film’s poster and the fonts used in the titles.

I wish there were more films on general release like Moon, but then again I suppose I’d only miss them.

• Neil MacDonald bagged himself an interview with Duncan Don’t-Call-Him-Zowie Jones before Moon went on release. Read it.

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One thought on “Moon

  1. Great, thanks for reminding about this film after it finishes showing 🙁

    You suck!

    Okay not really, I just wanted to see this film at the pictures and totally forgot.

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