MyToryTombstone: Berk and Hair

This is my poster for the MyToryTombstone site that’s ripping the new Tory attack ad, a fairly distasteful and disingenuous effort that makes out that Labour will slap a £20K death tax on everyone who karks it.

That’s not really true, of course, and smacks rather of desperation to me – a return to the Demon Eyes school of political campaigning.

Anyway, here’s mine. It’s pretty rough and ready and the reference may be a bit obscure. WIth any luck they won’t swap my joke with a less funny one this time, assuming they do use it.

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3 thoughts on “MyToryTombstone: Berk and Hair

  1. Such modesty – Berk and Hair is one of the very best yet. You’ve got masses of votes on there.

    I’m going to put you in our blogroll. Do drop by some time.


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