Monica Galetti’s Absurd Reaction Shots

Needless to say, Masterchef is superb television. This is largely due to spanking-fanatic Gregg Wallace, a genuine comedy genius with all of his ‘beefy, beefy mushrooms’ and delight in tackling ‘puds’.

The early rounds, where a hapless chef is eviscerated for their lack of skill in gutting a turbot, are cringe-inducingly addictive television, not least for the absurd reaction shots of Greg, Michel Roux Junior and especially ice-maiden-cum-chef Monica Galetti, who has obviously been told to, er, ham it up

While she’s generally looking at someone misusing a thermometer, she looks like she’s staring at Dirk Diggler’s pork loin most of them time. Here are a selection of Galetti’s reaction shots.

Monica Galetti's absurd reaction shots

3 thoughts on “Monica Galetti’s Absurd Reaction Shots

  1. Through out life there are some people you would just love to meet and give honour toward their success & talent, I don’t suppose I ever will meet this superstar but all I can say is Monica you are terrific. Just keep on being you.

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