Social media newsgathering in action

Tyler Wakstein’s video of the finish line at the Boston Marathon didn’t get a huge amount of traffic. For horrific reasons his graphic still of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing did.

Shortly afterwards Tyler was bombarded with shocked, dismayed, bewildered questions. And a lot more from news gatherers asking if they could use his picture online, in newspapers and on television.

As of 11pm on 15 April it’s had over 4,000 retweets and Wakstein has been appearing on broadcast media all day.

Should you – can you – use social media pictures in this way? If you’re a journalist the upside to getting eyewitness reports and media via Twitter is obvious. It’s more evidence of my belief that of all social media platforms Twitter is by far the most useful – at once a live ticker tape, media source, RSS feed and crowd to be sourced at once.

The wherefores and hows are still rather more nebulous – here’s a couple of guides from and The BBC on using social media for reporters – and a guide to the likely fees that people may charge if you want to use their photos.

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